• Dec 01, 16
  • Anonymous

Have you heard about the latest craze? Some schools are considering using the standard PE Uniforms for the school uniform of the day. Yes, there is chatter out there about adopting a whole new way of wearing uniforms. What if PE uniforms were worn for the entire day and the old idea of skirts and button-down shirts thrown out? Just what would happen?

Well, think about it, PE uniforms come with sweatpants and sweatshirt options for the colder weather and, of course, short sleeve shirts and shorts choice for the warmer times of the year. PE Uniforms are known for comfort and coordinate well with a variety of shoes and accessories. Washing PE uniforms is a breeze and the school logo presents well in all scenarios. There would be no need to change into comfort clothes after school, or to frantically search for a certain something to wear to sporting practices. The more you look at it, the more PE uniforms just might have a chance at taking over, nullifying the classification of PE Uniforms.

Sure the opposition cites the obvious hygiene issues that come with the territory, regardless of the uniform, but who really cares? Comfort wins time and time again.

It's a fun topic to discuss and although the chances aren't great of a sweeping change, everyone agrees that PE Uniforms serve a great purpose. Who knows, maybe one day they'll become the frontrunner in the uniform race for popularity, as time moves on.