• Dec 08, 16
  • Anonymous

TSI Uniforms conducted a most informal study and found perhaps obvious answers to the question, "Do kids look better in uniforms?" During our research we found that people tend to agree that there is a certain something classy to seeing students decked out in matching uniforms. Whether on the PE field or walking the halls, uniforms instantly bring style. Others also brought attention to the fact that the uniform concept brings back a bit of nostalgia. People fondly reflected on when public and private schools alike boasted uniforms, some with ties included. Regardless of the time in history, uniforms automatically instill culture and a sense of responsibility.

Pridefully going to school with freshly pressed uniforms makes a diffence. In fact, Uniforms set the tone for success. It begs the question, "What if students and faculty were held to the same standard?" If teachers also followed suit and dressed in a business-like uniformed fashion, would students learn, early on, the significance of a polished presence?

PE uniforms carry that same value. Schools that enforce a strict PE uniform policy come across better in the matter of public opinion and even bring a better reputation to the surrounding neighborhood. We, at TSI Uniforms, have gone above and beyond in our quest to perfect PE Uniforms and to extend the importance of high quality apparel. Add appeal to any school with our classically designed PE uniforms and original uniform logo designs.

Our studies show that kids do wear uniforms well and just might look better in them, but the surprise comes in the push for school faculty to also take pride in how they come to school. Uniforms for all?